Tuesday, March 9, 2021

One Great Hour of Sharing


 One Great Hour of Sharing is a special offering that has a history of over seven decades and includes participation of churches from 9 different denominations. It’s purpose is simple: to provide help for those in need around the world. Donations to OGHS are divided nearly equally between three programs of the national PC(USA): the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, the Self Development of People, and the Presbyterian Hunger Program. 

The best way to learn how your OGHS donation translates into action is to highlight two examples in the Presbyterian Hunger Program, which seeks to alleviate hunger and eliminate its causes. One organization supported by PHP helps the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation of South Dakota which is located in a county with the lowest per capita income in the nation and is considered a food desert. The local organizations helps the reservation secure its own food supply and promotes nutrition and health.

A second example of OGHS gifts in action is in a small town in Bolivia where members of an indigenous community are finding that fishing, their traditional livelihood, is in severe jeopardy. The community is grappling with the devastating impacts of climate change like irregular rainfall, prolonged droughts, as well as effects of mining pollution. Access to water has become critical problem. A local organization supported by PHP is working to develop an irrigation system, 500m of underground piping, to bring safe well water to the community. They are also working to help the community collect and save rainwater.

You can support programs like these through your giving to the OGHS offering. You can designate OGHS on your offering envelope, or if you donate online when you designate “other” on the menu choices.

Jesus fed the hungry and healed the sick, and called on us to do the same; to love our neighbors as ourselves. One way that we can share in doing God’s work to help those in need both locally and around the world is to participate in the OGHS offering.

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